Food Theatre

‘Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon, or not at all’
Harriet Van Horn

Tickle your taste buds with our tantalising themed food, theatre and poetry events!

Let our Flying Kitchen take your guests on a evocative
journey through food.

Come on a food forage exploring Scotland’s wild larder
with a backwoods lunch using your own local produce
to compliment the forage.

Or we can provide delightful culinary themed food demos
and tasting to a seated audience,
promoting your venue and local produce.


Our Flying Kitchen can adapt to fit your event or celebration, with lots of themes and delicious treats to choose from!
Below are a few of our most popular themes – contact us to find out more, or to discuss a bespoke theme for your event!

WWI Kitchen – Your Country Needs Stew

Join a field Kitchen and experience the impact of WWI upon the British Kitchen. From trench food and field kitchens, serving up bully beef, turnip bread and sandbag mess, to the daily food of the British worker, once had rationing began!

The Poetry Kitchen

Delve into a wonderful world of food and poetry and discover food that has inspired great poetry through the ages, from mutton broth, to a humble salad, to Soulful Strawberry’s, Cheeky Chocolate and Glorious Gastronomic Garlic.

A Scottish High Tea

Experience the true gastronomic delight of the sumptuous Scottish Highland High Tea, serving up traditional Highland fayre as the ‘special’ of the day. Join our cook and her theatrical team as they tell the story of the ‘high tea, a light, layered lingering repast, whipped up before your very eyes. Treats and fancies, cream & scones, preserves & cheese, oatcakes & pâtes, sweets and savories, layer upon layer of heavenly Highland food prepared before you, for you to try!

WWII Kitchen – Keep Calm and Curry On!

In 1939, Britain imported 55 million tonnes of foodstuffs per year. One month after the start of the Second World War, this figure dropped to 12 million. Britain suddenly had to focus on food production. Rationing and fake foods were upon us. Join us and get canny in the kitchen, save money, and discover rationing fun!