Children’s Theatre

Children’s Theatre and Family Fun!

At The Walking Theatre Company, one of our main aims for our Children’s shows is for everyone to have FUN – to offer a theatre experience in a fantastically exciting way, to allow our audience to become a part of the story, and to bring beloved characters and new friends to life!

Ideal for any location (inside, or out!), our interactive Walking Theatre creates an unforgettable theatrical experience for any venue, location, event, or party!

The Wonderland Adventure

The White Rabbit is on the run
The Mad Hatter just wants some fun.
Wonderland magic is ready for you
Keep your head, whatever you do!

Treasure Island

Pirates ahoy, yo, ho, ho!
Pirate Island is where we go.
A map and a plan is what we got,
Calling all pirates to join our plot!

Around Oz

Izzy Wizzy the Great Oz is out and about.
Can you spot the wicked Witch and shout?
Calling all Munchkins, Dorothy needs you,
To Wiz around Oz, you know what to do!

Crazy Celts on the Rampage

The Crazy Celts are out for some fun.
A lost princess and a baddie on the run.
This Kingdom needs saving what can we do?
Come gather all heroes, it’s up to you!

Robin Hoodie

Merry men into the woods,
The nasty Sheriff is up to no good.
Robin Hoodie, he has a plan.

To save us all, he is ‘the man’.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel & Gretel, lost and sad.
A Wicked Witch, who’s aw’fy bad.
Into the woods, a tale to tell;

Magic, danger, and a fairy spell…

Merlin Makes Mischief

Merlin is magic, you know it’s true,
The Land needs a King, is it me or you?
Knights and Maidens and trusty steeds,
Join our quest of daring deeds.

Green Jean’s Eco Dream

Baron Cant-be-bothered lives up to his name
He wont ‘Power Down’, it is such a shame!
To discover his Eco Code is the only way
All Power Down Hero’s, help save the day!

The Really Wicked School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Witches and Ghosties, horrors to fright,
The School of Magic is open tonight.
Everyone welcome, naughty and good.
Walk with us into the Halloween Wood.

The Skeleton Bride

Rib Bone loves his Skeleton Bride
A ghostly gal to be by his side
Doomed forever he wants to be
Will they wed, come and see…

The Enchanted Fairy Forest

Magical folk are out to play.
Will you join their walk today? 
Find the door to take you through,
into Fairyland, it’s up to you…

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